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What’s New in Asphalt Plants?


New technology in asphalt mixing plants around the country involves warm mix asphalt (WMA), recycling, fuel economy, the environment, retrofit and maintenance. Of these, WMA and recycling are the hottest items. But cost reduction, timely maintenance and “going green” are not far behind.

The hottest item, and the one many plant manufacturers are producing new equipment for is warm mix asphalt. WMA technology is influencing the entire asphalt industry.
Plant operators and contractors are embracing a technology that reduces costs, uses less fuel, lowers temperatures, allows the use of more RAP and reduces emissions,” says Roger Sandberg. He adds that plant operators are looking at costs and cost reduction closer than ever.

Mixing plant manufacturers are promoting equipment that fits this trend toward warm mix, recycling, cost reduction and environmental concerns. Not only are plant owners and contractors looking at fuel economy and environmental issues, they are increasingly concerned about product availability and storage. Consequently, some asphalt plant manufacturers are currently producing storage units for contractors and terminals.