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1. Retrofitting& option

Retrofitting in PRIMACH
PRIMACH offers its clients the experience and professional experience of a dedicated team capable of offering solutions and consultancy on:

1. Renewing old plants by integrating new components
2. Increasing plant efficiency
3. Boosting plant output
4. Upgrading plants to new standards, regarding emissions and the environment
5. Adding kits and solutions to get the best use out of RAP
6. Implementing the most up-to-date technologies for cold asphalt production.

PRIMACH is one of the pioneers in developing asphalt recycling plants. It has full range of 10 – 50% of RAP and various types of eco-friendly asphalt recycling plant with high-end configurations. The product designs adopt the international standard and are in line with the specific requirements of working conditions in user’s countries.

15% RAP added-RAP Feeded to Mixer Directly-recycling mixing plant
RAP Feeded to Mixer Directly:
RAP feeder —> RAP elevator —> RAP surge hopper —> RAP metering and weighing-mixer

service 1

20% RAP added-RAP Feeded to Mixer Tower Through Elevator for asphalt mixing plant for sale
RAP Feeded to Mixer Tower Through Elevator:
RAP Feeder —> Metering Belt Conveyor —> Elevator —> Mix Tower (Screening — Weighing — Mixing)

service 2

35% RAP added-RAP Ring Upon Drum for asphalt recycling plant
RAP Ring Upon Drum:
RAP Feeder-Metering —> Belt Conveyor —> Ring Upon Drum —> Elevator —> Mix Tower(Screening-Weighing-Mixing)

service 3

50% RAP added-RAP Drum with regular asphalt mixing plant design
RAP Drum:
RAP feeder-RAP drum-RAP surge hopper-RAP metering-mixer

service 4

2. Spare parts

service 5

Correct plant maintenance is essential for guaranteeing a satisfactory performance over the entire lifespan of the plant. This is why one of PRIMACH’s main aims is to offer an adequate spare parts service.

To satisfy clients ‘needs and manage emergency situations, we offer as below:

1. 12 months’ warranty on all spare parts.
2. Quick replacement with high quality and functional parts.
3. Good warehouse management.
4. All parts are sand blasting before painting.
5. 7×24 hours consulting service.
6. Distributor for after service worldwide.
7. Safety stock locally.

service 18

3. Training

Installation and commissioning
PRIMACH and our local partners will assist the users in setting up asphalt mixing plants without any hassle. The installation and commissioning can be completed in just 10 days with minimum hoisting and lifting equipment because of the containerized, modular and PLC on CAN-BUS designs of PRIMACH asphalt mixing plants.

service 19

Project based operation support
PRIMACH professional operators and engineers will work hand in hand with the users from the beginning to the end of each project.

Remote monitoring support
Our management team can obtain machine operating status, productivity and material usage data in real time without travelling to the remote jobsite for plant management. The engineering team can also observe plant operating parameters and monitor plant operating status. Alerts will be displayed on the system if there is any issue on the asphalt mixing plants.

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