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Another PM Asphalt Mixing Plant Has Been Erected in Russia for Better Service

Recently, another asphalt plant has been completed installation and commissioning in Russia. Our engineer and local workers spent 15 days to do this job for the equipment. Since then, the batch asphalt plant with container design made by PRIMACH i...

How to Maintain Asphalt Mixing Plant in Rainy Day?

Some countries are in summer with continuous rain. So there will be some effects on working of asphalt batching plant and also including affecting asphalt paving quality. So we may need to keep maintenance for asphalt mixing palnt working procedur...

What’s New in Asphalt Plants?

New technology in asphalt mixing plants around the country involves warm mix asphalt (WMA), recycling, fuel economy, the environment, retrofit and maintenance. Of these, WMA and recycling are the hottest items. But cost reduction, timely maintenan...

Why Do You Choose PRIMACH?

There are many reasons to choose a PRIMACH asphalt mixing plant for your project. These include reliability of the asphalt plants, swift response time from our experienced technicians and ready spare parts availability. And our parts are from reno...

Two Asphalt Mixing Plants of PRIMACH Applied to Highway with the Highest Average Altitude in the World

In December 2018, two PM asphalt mixing plants designed and manufactured by PRIMACH were officially put into production. After three years of construction with PRIMACH’s equipment, Nala expressway is ready for traffic recently. The production capa...

Changeable “Super Star”- Asphalt Mixing Equipment of PRIMACH is Being Delivered to Xinyang for Service

On June 20th, one PM asphalt batch mix plant was confirmed by the customer and was ready to embark on a journey to Xinyang construction site. This batch asphalt mixing plant is the first PM series plant in the world. Let’s take a look at the...

PRIMACH Control System

PRIMACH has developed wireless asphalt mixing plant monitoring system for iPad and Android devices. Management could access asphalt mixing plant operation and production data at any time and from anywhere. The control panel is designed to make the...

PM60-160M MOV Series Asphalt Mixing Plant

PRIMACH asphalt mixing plants are designed for mobility with the lowest possible cost on sea freight and inland transportation. Each asphalt mixing plant could be disassembled, stored and protected in standard sized containers. No matter where the...