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PM125 Asphalt Mixing Equipment Has Been Erected in Cameroon

A high-tech PRIMACH asphalt mixing plant with simple design but strong appearance has been erected in Cameroon, it is going to play a key role in local development. Our goal is always the best service to provide the fastest response to customers. ...

160t/h Asphalt Mixing Plant Has Been Erected in Liberia for Better Service

Another 160t/h asphalt mixing plant has been erected in Liberia for better service. PPRIMACH has made great efforts to make the performance of the whole equipment better, smooth and powerful. Thank you to all PRIMACH customers for your trust.

PRIMACH Received Great Response at “Russian Scientific Application of Asphalt Mixing Plant Seminar”

The Scientific Application of Asphalt Mixing Plant Seminar was organized by Russian Asphalt Pavement Association on Sep. 22, 2021 in Moscow, Russia. PRIMACH, as a participant at the Seminar, brought along a full range of asphalt plants products sa...

PRIMACH’s Services in Russia

In recent years, Russia has been the core market of PRIMACH’s overseas territory. During the past 22 years, PRIMACH has accumulated overseas sales of more than 150 sets of asphalt mixing plant, achieving the coverage of PRIMACH’s full product rang...

How Plant Technology is Meeting Increasing Demand for More Asphalt Products?

The new demands in the paving business, such as the production of sustainable asphalt mixes, more economical mixes and mixes with greater durability, have an effect on the chain of inputs, projects and equipment. As a result, asphalt plants are ev...

PRIMACH Series Batching Plant Has Been Erected in UAE for 14 Years

PRIMACH equipment located in UAE, it has been erected there withstands high temperature more than 45 degrees for 14 years. It joined UAE construction project of the first express highway, therefore, PRIMACH’s undeniable“Made in China” influence on...

PRIMACH Asphalt Mixing Plant is being Installed in Liberia

Recently, another set of asphalt mixing plant made by PRIMACH is being installed in Liberia. This time, the customer chose a new 160t/h batching plant, which has advanced structure and can produce high quality asphalt mixture according to customer...

How to Control the Quality of Asphalt Plant Output?

Put it simply, asphalt is like glue, and it uses bitumen, an oil-based substance, to make sand and crushed rock stick to each other together. As a kind of commonly used road surface paving material, asphalt plays a vital part. It can be said that ...