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How to Maintain Asphalt Mixing Plant in Rainy Day?


Some countries are in summer with continuous rain. So there will be some effects on working of asphalt batching plant and also including affecting asphalt paving quality. So we may need to keep maintenance for asphalt mixing palnt working procedures and maintenance to have such a long working time.

In some factories or construction sites, the machines are placed outside. So we may need to give customers some advices to protect it well. Here PRIMACH will share some with you:
1. For every part of asphalt plant, we need to clean them after using every time, keeping them clean can help us to have such a long time for this machine and save costs. And for some parts, we’d better to lubricated them to avoid been rusted.
2. If the asphalt mixing plant or parts are in outside place, we need to make sure that the protection measures is very well and conduct a comprehensive inspection of the equipment.
3. Ensures that the asphalt plant equipment is not turned on when it rains.
4. Sunscreen net should be used reasonably during thunderstorms weather.
5. If necessary, lightning rod can be added to the equipment.

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