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Home > News > Changeable “Super Star”- Asphalt Mixing Equipment of PRIMACH is Being Delivered to Xinyang for Service

Changeable “Super Star”- Asphalt Mixing Equipment of PRIMACH is Being Delivered to Xinyang for Service


On June 20th, one PM asphalt batch mix plant was confirmed by the customer and was ready to embark on a journey to Xinyang construction site. This batch asphalt mixing plant is the first PM series plant in the world.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of PM series equipment.

1. One machine with multi type on demand combination
It adopts the idea of cross model on planning and design, which can realize the conversion of different equipment styles and functions and meet the requirements of different production conditions with each functional module combined according to different modes.

2.The equipment is reorganized into monoblock through later upgrading.

3. For the need of production, only the necessary function modules are reserved, which can be assembled according to its type.

4. Modularization with combined type on hot mix storage bin

Bin selection method for bottom type hot mix storage bin:
Translation skip, swing chute, orthometric skip
Combined type for typical hot mix storage bin:
Single bin equipped with swing chute and translation skip
Double/multi bin equipped with translation skip system
Double bin equipped with orthometric skip and rotating chute
Multi bin equipped with orthometric skip

5. Multi recycled combined type
「Downstream directly-heated type」recycled drying system
「Counter flow hot blast stove」recycled drying system
「Corse and fine separated」 「Cold and heat」recycled system

6. Enable production function on multi type mix batch, including standard asphalt mixing batch, recycled asphalt mixing batch, hot asphalt mixing batch, color asphalt mixing batch and special type asphalt mixing batch.

PRIMACH will further meet the ongoing demand of customers for sustainable development, thereby improving the comprehensive performance of the asphalt mixing plant and making the business owner more competitive in the market.

Here are some delivery pictures taken on our factory spots.

asphalt mixing plant